Sunday Speakers

Reverend Alice Carpenter - Senior Minister & Spiritual Director

Rev. Alice received her ministerial training in the Redding Church of Religious Science where she served as Staff and Assistant Minister for 2½ years.  She became Pastor of the Center for Spiritual Discovery in San Jose in 2001, and was ordained in 2004.  Rev. Alice served RSI/ICSL as co-chair of the 2005 Asilomar Conference, and later as chair of Church Chartering Committee. Feeling the need to return to the business world, she resigned as Pastor in December 2008, but continued as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Center for Spiritual Living Los Gatos until February 2010. After a 10 month respite, she returned to Center for Spiritual Living - Los Gatos as interim pastor in January 2011, and became Spiritual Director in November, 2011. She brings to her ministry a blend of eastern perspective, practice and devotion to Spirit, coupled with a simple and practical approach to the principles of the Science of Mind.

Speaking Dates: July 1st and July15th

Reverend Carolyn Douglas

Rev. Carolyn Douglas has followed the philosophy of the Science of Mind since 1984. She was licensed as a Practitioner of Religious Science in 1992, and received her Masters of Divinity from Holmes Institute School of Conscious Studies in 2001. Rev. Carolyn received herf irst Letter of Call to New Perspectives Corporate Chaplaincy in 2001. She received a Letter of Call for Assistant Minister to the FireLight Church of Religious Science and Science of Mind Center in 2002. In 2003, Rev. Carolyn received her Letter of Call for Senior Minister to the FireLight Church of Religious Science and Science of Mind Center. The Fire Light Church is now known as Illuminata Spiritual Center, San Jose. Rev. Carolyn was ordained in May 2004.

No Speaking Date Scheduled At This Time

Karie Hillery

Karie Hillery

International recording artist Karie Hillery has spent her life bringing her uplifting music to every imaginable venue worldwide. Her work as a musical “peace ambassador” has grown to include speaking engagements combined with musical performances. Designed to empower and increase awareness, Karie’s presentations highlight the interconnectedness of all cultures and belief systems, and inspire a deeper respect for the Mother earth. Karie is accompanied by Will Norcutt and Del Penny.

Speaking Date: July29th

BJ King, R.Sc.P.

B. J. King, R.Sc.P.E.

When I walked into First Church of Religious Science 26 years ago, the first words I heard spoken by Dr. Scott was, “Something great and wonderful is happening today and you are a part of it.”  I knew I had found my right place to be one with a loving, supportive GOD. I felt called to become a Practitioner and began that course of study.  I am in my 19th year of being a licensed Practitioner and I am so grateful I answered the call.

I have been honored to pray and counsel with individuals and families, present motivating workshops, facilitate classes, being a guest speaker at other churches.

Speaking Dates: July 8th