Movie will be shown at the church office - 408-371-9800. Start time is 7 pm
Cold drinks, popcorn and other treats will be available for a donation of $7.
See you there!


Friday -September 15th
The Gifted

Being homeschooled by her Uncle, Frank for so long, he decides that Mary needs the experience and socializing from public schools. On the morning of the first day, Mary is in a foul mood because she doesn't want to go. At school, Mary is bored as her teacher goes over first grade math problems with the rest of the class. Mary eventually speaks up, making it known that the lack of challenge is beyond her ability to bear. Bonnie begins asking her increasingly difficult arithmetic problems to make a point. To her surprise, Mary answers them all. When Frank comes to pick Mary up, Bonnie catches up to him and tells him she thinks Mary might be a gifted child. Frank will not listen to Bonnie and walks away with Mary. Bonnie then does her own research, and finds out that Mary's mom Diane was a Math genius, also, working on one of the Millennium Prize problems when she apparently took her own life and was survived by his brother Frank. After an altercation with another student on the school bus, Frank is called to the Principal's office, where she tells him she can get a full ride for Mary at a nearby school for the gifted. Frank refuses the offer on the grounds that she wants Mary to have a normal childhood. The Principal then reaches out to Evelyn, Frank's mother and Mary's grandmother. Evelyn shows up at Frank's door soon after, and meets Mary for the first time. She's a rich, bossy Englishwoman whose ideas of life and ambition Frank clearly disagrees with. She criticizes Frank's lifestyle choices and demands to take Mary away with her to Boston. When Frank disagrees, she takes him to court.